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Catholic Democrats

Political community for Catholics

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I have seen communities devoted to Catholics who are progressive in their theology (for instance, catholicprogrss) but I haven't found a more politically oriented community for progressives who are Catholic.

This is that community.

You don't have to be Catholic to be here.
You don't have to be a Democrat to be here.

Political discussions do tend to get heated at times, but please keep it civil. Personal attacks do not in any way lend credence to your position. If you need to vent, try dearasshole.

If you want to discuss politics from a Catholic perspective, fine.
If you want to discuss Catholicism from a political perspective, fine.
If you want to attack religion from a non-religious perspective, please go somewhere else. I suggest challenging_god or atheism

If your post is quite long or if it contains large graphics, please use the lj cut.

Please don't simply post a link. Let us know why that link is relevant. Give some sort of opinion or commentary about the content of the link.

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If you need to contact irishguy8 (moderator) please go to my website.